Today we wanted to talk to you about a very important website issue that could be really hurting your ranking and business. 

In 2018, Google rolled out a new version of its search algorithm that was built for mobile searches called mobile-first indexing. Before this change, Google crawled, indexed, and ranked based on desktop versions of websites. Today with the new algorithm, if Google does not see your website as mobile-friendly, then your website was not going to show up in searches performed on mobile devices like tablets and phones.

You should make sure you are visiting your Google Search Console often and looking for mobile experience issues. (You can test the basic problems here: Look for clickable elements being too close together (the rule of thumb is your content should be written in at least 14 to 16-point font so when your content is displayed on smaller screen sizes it’s not hard to read or click on). While mobile-friendly websites (Those that can be seen on mobile devices only) will display on mobile screens, this is Google’s minimum requirement and will not rank as high compared to mobile-optimized or mobile-responsive sites.


It is important to note that responsive web designs respond to changes in device display sizes. So when you display a website on a smartphone, for example, you’ll be looking at different dimensions than if you were viewing it on your tablet, laptop, or desktop, for example.

If your site is not optimized or responsive, we would love to chat about how we can help you get your site optimized and rank higher than your competitors.